Fan recreated Skyrim’s beloved Riverwood in Unreal Engine 5

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A fan of the Skyrim franchise has just recreated parts of the Skyrim universe in Unreal Engine 5, and the results are mind-blowing! Now fans wonder if we’ll ever see a Skyrim game like this in the future?

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A Reddit user, u/PenetratorGod, shared a five-minute video of his creation of Skyrim made in Unreal Engine 5. The video takes you on a tour of the enhanced world of Skyrim, starting in the beloved town of Riverwood. You’ll even see the local tavern, sawmill, and other iconic buildings. Once done in Riverwood, the tour moves north across the vast plains surrounding Whiterun before focussing on a lone tower standing in the distance.

Fan recreated Skyrim’s beloved Riverwood in Unreal Engine 5

The amount of detail shown in this recreation is truly astounding, especially considering it was made in just a few months since Epic only released the Unreal Engine 5 to the public on April 5th. Getting this amount of detail in such a short period is impressive, and one can only wonder what other possibilities lie within such a gaming engine.

We’ve already seen the Unreal Engine 5 in action with game demos like Superman and Spiderman. These demos just built up the expectations of the new-gen game engine. Fans of Skyrim can’t help but wonder if this release, and the creation of some iconic landmarks in a few months, could lead to a future Skyrim game looking like this?

Chances are very unlikely, considering the landmarks in the video are a very small representation of the Skyrim universe, which is much bigger and more extensive. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t see any graphic improvements in future Elder Scroll games. Bethesda has already confirmed that the newest installment, Elder Scrolls 6, will be made using a new gaming engine.

We look forward to more information on the newest game in the series. We wonder how it will compare to past games, and even this version created in Unreal Engine 5. Be sure to check our article on what we know about Elder Scrolls 6 so far.

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